Sunday, September 19, 2010

i really should be sleeping.

it's 11:12 pm.
my last night in turkey.
i really should be sleeping.
but i thought i'd come here anyway and get a few things off my mind.
three years ago, i'd spent my whole life in a single place (at least as far back as i could remember).
the night before i moved to turkey, i cried my eyes out. i wrote a friend and told him how petrified i was of moving. i put on a brave face for my four kiddies, but in my heart i couldn't imagine living anywhere other than italy. it was my home. the place my family lived. the place i grew up. and suddenly... it was time to go whether or not i was ready.
i sort of knew what to expect from turkey.
i'd been here before on many occasions. and i loved all the memories it held.
i didn't expect this to become home.
i didn't expect to meet some of the most amazing people ever.
i didn't expect to find new family.
i didn't expect to fall in love with a place that so many people felt so negatively about.
but i did.
and tonight, i sit here and think about all the people i've met. i think about friends that have left here, and friends that i'll be leaving... and i'm grateful.
God showed me a lot of things here.
He taught me that things aren't always as they seem.
I learned that sometimes we can pray really hard for something and find out that it's not what we really wanted.
He taught me that families can be given to us by birth, or they can grow in our hearts.
Life is short. Be thankful for where He puts you. Cherish every second. And be grateful even in good-byes, because that means you loved something enough to miss it.
Thank you Turkey for being my home.
I will miss your face.