Thursday, May 14, 2009

i'll get off my soapbox now.

i firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. be it good, bad or indifferent. i know that i've said this before.
i've had some amazing people come into my life, and i've also had some horrible (horrible, by my judgemental definition of course) people come into my life. and well, truthfully, it's easy to thank God for all the wonderful people... not so easy to be grateful for the ones who hurt our feelings or say mean things.
not too long ago, i had a situation where i was really angry. angry to the point where lots of mind cursing didn't seem to help. and while i was there in the midst of it (curse words and all, buried deep in my own self pity...) something made me stop. and suddenly, i was flooded with all the times that i had said mean things. all the times that i had been horribly judgemental and cruel. the times when i put my own needs first, hoping that my decision would hurt whoever the intended target was...
swallowing your pride, and admiting your own guilt in the situation is never easy. in fact, sometimes it's down right impossible. but God has really convicted me in this way... it's easy to be ugly and hurtful at someone else's expense. but God has called us to love. and no matter what your views are on religion or God, or Jesus, how can this be wrong? how can anybody lose if we simply love each other?
i am not an expert. i am probably the worst example of a christian, because i do have a big mouth, i do have lots of flaws, and honestly, i am probably the most unworthy of unconditional love... however, in this same sense, i am probably the best example because if the depth of God's GRACE doesn't shine through this mess, then what else will?? Nothing I do could ever be good enough, and that's all the more reason to be thankful for His gift.

"and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."
romans 8:28

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