Friday, March 12, 2010

it's the little things that i'll miss.

turkey is the land of quirks. which is not always a bad thing. living here for most people takes adjusting, but honestly, i don't get it when people say that they hate living here. this place, while admitedly a bit off, is just a cool place to live.
tonight, i drove off base and went to the alley, knowing i wanted to pick up some movies. before heading to the five dollar movie shop, i decided that i wanted to get some take out too. i drove past a resteraunt first, and saw the owner standing outside. i placed my order with him, telling him that i was stopping at the movie shop, and then after picking out movies, he was standing outside with my food ready as i drove by... who else would give you that kind of service? it's the little things that make this tour fun.

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