Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the trails welcome a new addition!!

dear friends and family,
i have some really exciting news for you!! after much thought and planning, we have decided to make an addition to our family. no one could be more excited than me!! although i will admit that it did take some convincing on my husband's part, i just felt like such a huge decision should be taken lightly....
so without further ado, i present to you:
my kindle!
anyone who knows me, knows that one of my favorite things to do is read. comics, science fiction, fiction, non fiction, a biography... books, i love them! and honestly, i don't read as much as i'd like to due to the sheer inconvience of it. books are bulky, i forget them places, or even just the fact that once i'm finished, then what? if you've ever found a book in the back compartement of your airplane seat, chances are me or someone like me left it there. traveling with four kids is fun enough without having to keep track of a book or even just having to lug it home once i'm finished. although, i have to admit, i was worried because i do love the feel of books. i like turning pages, i like the feel of paper, and yes, i am a page creaser. don't judge me...
however, this baby is amazing! it can store up to 1500 books. it can download monthly magazines or newspapers or blogs. downloading a book from amazon takes 2 minutes! and while i do have to admit that the first time i started reading it, upon turning the first page, i did look to the left, (stop laughing, my brain is slow!) once i got into the story, honestly it was just like reading a book.
anyways, this gift was an early anniversary present from my husband, and i have to say, it might be the best gift i've ever received! if you are thinking about getting one, i say go for it. you can find free books online, and most books cost 10 dollars or less.
and no. i'm not getting paid to write this review. i just know that a lot of people out there are on the fence like i was, and i'm so glad my husband got this for me!! :) if you have any questions let me know. it's new so i don't have everything figured out, but from what i've seen so far, it's really user friendly!!
oh, and for those of you who were thinking that our new addition included a baby... well, shame on you! ;)
okay. i'm off to read. facebook doesn't have anything on the kindle!

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RK said...

VERY cool! But be sure not to leave THAT in the back of an airplane seat! :o) Congrats! And enjoy!