Monday, April 19, 2010

things that i love in my craft room.

my two absolute favorite things! the picture on top came from the junk store in italy that i LOVED. i got it framed here in turkey. and the second peice is a picture of me, drawn by my oldest son when he was about 4. i found it stored away in a box, and it was too cute not to frame! it makes me think of this: "my, what big hands you have mommy..." "the better to craft with my son". *lol* it's such a cute picture; and that big red spot on my dress? yup, that's my heart :)

this white cabinet came from the thrift store too! 20 dollars. not even kidding you! (the reason they sold it so cheap was because the bottom doors are a bit broken; however, the best part about that is that it makes them harder for kids to open! seriously, there's a silver lining to everything! :) inside i hung two dowel rods for all my dollar store ribbon. i'll have to save those pictures for a day when i actually clean it out! :) also the tall thin drawers full of colored ribbon? yeah, i got ALL of that ribbon at a second hand store in italy. it's all rolled individually into 1 yard peices. it's amazing :)

this brown cabinet with six (LOCKING) doors i got at a huge discount because it was built for an office on base, but then they decided they needed something bigger! inside each of the doors is a half shelf! the spaces are bigger than 12X12 (i know, because i totally store scrapbooking paper in here and there's still room!) i love that it locks because then i can store things that i don't want my kids to get a hold of (don't know if i ever told you the story of the day that my daughter got a hold of my seed beeds *lol*)

i got this tall thin cabinet for 20 bucks from my friend. it's perfect for my stampin' up sets! and yes, that is a caboodle on top *lol* i got that for free with a few crafty things in it, because it didn't sell at my friend's yard sale.

anyways, i'll see if i can get some better pictures of the whole room, but currently that brown peice is just sitting in the middle waiting for me to make room! hope you enjoyed your mini tour :)

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