Friday, October 3, 2008

31 for 21; the reason.

so i had this big long spiel about why i am blogging for down syndrome. and while i feel that all of my reasons were honorable; the truth is this.

i am blogging to raise awareness. i am blogging so that when you see a child with down syndrome, you don't turn your face away in awkwardness. i am blogging so that people don't automatically think about having an abortion when their child is diagnosed with this. i am blogging because each child in this world is special. each child is capable. each child is beautiful. i cannot emphasize this enough. and i guess that the real reason i am blogging is so that you can see them for who they are. so that you can see past the down syndrome and see the person. in the same way that you shouldn't look at a child and judge them based on their skin color, do not judge a child because of something like down syndrome. don't perpetuate the myth.

i had a child when i was sixteen. and the one thing i remember is that when i was pregnant it was a very hush hush embarassing thing. no one wants this for thier child. but i did have one teacher who came up to me and said, "congratulations. babies are a blessing. i hope you know this." she didn't say this sarcastically. she didn't say it maliciously. and honestly, it was a blessing to not feel judged. i am not asking for pity. i had a great family who supported me. i graduated from high school, i got married and now have four wonderful children. but in the same way, i understand. people who have children with down syndrome do not want your pity. they want your support in the same way that you would support any parent. they want your congratulations. they want your friendship. and they want to share their child's accomplishment in the same way any parent would. yes, things are different, but so are all children. and we need to stop "ignoring" the situation and be okay with it. it is fine to ask questions. it is fine to become educated on the facts.

this is why i am blogging. and every day i am inspired by people that i don't even know. if you want to know more, just check out some of the great blogs that i subscribe to on the right side...

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