Saturday, October 4, 2008

pretty fun weekend!

first the pol chili cookoff; a sort of hail and farewell to some folks; it was just us and michael and livy. brandon went to the cdc for a few hours and sam hung out with the barney's. here's some cute pictures!
daddy with olivia:
olivia and mikey:
daddy with livy and mikey:
olivia being a big girl!

then there was girl's night out with andrea, britney and kris. we all wore black shirts on accident and ended up looking like a gang *lol* we were originally going to head to adana on the taliban van to eat at casagelars (sp?) but we decided to just chill in the alley, eating at easy's and laughing at britney who had a 6 dollar drink and kris who bought a 4 dollar beer. pictures to follow ;)
then today we just sort of hung out at home and the kids jumped on the trampoline. check out how high olivia can jump!

emma, olivia and brandon
well, that's pretty much it. tomorrow i work all day. i was supposed to work today, but i had a huge migraine; and true to form it's raining tonight, which seems to bring on these stupid migraines here lately! and with that, i'm signing off for the night ;)

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