Sunday, October 5, 2008

sometimes the greener grass tastes like poop.

the grass isn't always greener.
the things that we look at in envy have thier own layer of terribleness.
happiness is subjective.
in reality would you trade your world for something that's easier
just because it sparkles on the outside?
we are in this together.
and i don't mind feeling like an outsider
for the bigger picture of things.
i can't tell you what this means.
or how i fit into all of this.
maybe in the months to come it will make sense,
or maybe never.
sometimes it's just okay to be who you are.
it's okay to listen to music
and sing at the top of your voice
with the car windows rolled down.
and it's okay to make judgements of people
if you don't mind retracting them
once you figure out
that they might be the best you have ever known.
i am okay with bad haircuts
and curse words
and scars.
it makes us who we are.
and it's more noble to feel things
like pain and sadness and frustration
than it is to lie and smile and pretend.
sometimes it is okay
to be your own hero.

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