Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bad blogger.

since the move i've been a super huge slacker about blogging. part of it is because blogging is a luxury where i get to just stop and unload my mind about what's going on or what i'm thinking about. well, since the move, i've had about a kabillion other projects in the work (including the actual move itself) school, thrift store, my dad's visit, school, and well, just the other mundane day to day stuff. honestly, i haven't felt too much like blogging... not for any reason in particular, but more so just the every day buisiness and tiredness that follows.
well, nonno left yesterday (which made the kids really sad, regardless of my repeat reasurrance that he would be back in my AND bring nonna!) and it's raining and i don't have to work today. so today is just going to be a really really lazy day. where we stay inside, and don't work. and just watch tv. did you catch all that unneccesary punctuation? that's right! today is a day of periods. the stopping kind. not the girl kind. i'm very excited about this. not just the prospect of doing nothing (because trust me, i do nothing very well on a regular basis) but the fact that there's no pressure, no appointments, really nothing other that i SHOULD be doing. these days don't come along very often... and well, let's just say that today, thursday is my very favorite day!

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