Saturday, March 14, 2009

day out at the m1 mall.

here's a few pictures of our day; i have more to put up, but this is what you get for now because i have to head out to my friend melissa's baby shower :) enjoy and i'll put more pictures up later this evening!
olivia heading out the door:

running to go shopping (the vest she's wearing was mine when i was little):

the biggest jars of nutella EVER! the guy gave her some on a spoon *lol*

sam eating his corn and spam (their version of pepperoni pizza)
the doll she thought she was going home with:
the baby she really went home with:
nonno with brandon and sam:
tomorrow i'll post the pictures of the train! :)

1 comment:

Christie said...

sams glasses are cute. tell him i said he looks cool. and don't let dad get his hair cut like that again. he looks like he has the mange!!! bad nonno!!! livy and brandonio are sooooo cute. she looks so big. what size is she in?