Thursday, March 12, 2009

something to chew on at 6 am.

the thing that's so great about the past is it's inability to hurt us; at least in any way past the actual pain of the memories. time heals all wounds, and unfortunatley it also dulls us to the trauma that we may have once suffered. but sometimes all it takes is one reminder. one thing that comes back to haunt you to flood you with whatever it is you tried to escape.
i know you all assumed that my first post back would be about my new house, and instead here i am rambling. but i had a bad dream, and it sort of made me stop and just think about the peices of my life, and just my gratitude that i'm not in certain situations anymore. i think that sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves to quit being so judgemental. we don't always know where other people are coming from, and how certain personal griefs have affected them. we all have reasons for being the way that we are. and if we took a minute to be a little nicer, a little more tolerant, maybe, just maybe the world might be a better place to live.

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