Friday, April 24, 2009

in the land where everyone speaks english! well, in theory ;)

so i made it safe and sound (well, to california at least!). apparently my flight stopped in new york (which was totally not on my itinerary). and i had to catch a connecting flight to san francisco. and now i'm hanging out at the USO for the next few hours (which is totally AWESOME by the way :) my flight was pretty uneventful. no complaints other than the fact that it's been a really long trip. my flight to california was delayed by about two hours. but again, being that i have a really long layover here, no complaints; makes the trip seem shorter?
anyways, no pictures. however, i did want to take pictures of all the insane people wearing flip flops or heels. seriously? who travels like that? that's just something i don't understand!!
okay. that's all i got for you tonight. i'm super tired, but i think i'm going to chill out and watch some movies that i downloaded onto my ipod. thank you technology!!
i'm already missing those monkies at home and of course my markie!

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