Thursday, April 9, 2009

you never know who will be knocking at your door.

so there's a knock at my door and my kids tell me that someone is there for me (i was upstairs cleaning brandon and olivia's room). so i go downstairs and there's my neighbor from across the street w/ my daughter in a wagon.
turns out, olivia escaped from our house and was across the street playing in her carport. but that's not the best part. her son (who's like 6 or 7?) found here there and put her in the wagon and brought her to the park to his mom...
so... because we can't lock our door w/ a key from the inside, and there's no safety chain (like we had at our old house) i now have resorted to putting a baby gate outside our front door. any other suggestions? i don't even think we can add a latch because our door is metal. annnoyyying. if it weren't for the danger factor, it might even be funny.


Noel said...

Get at door alarm.

The sensor can stick to the door & the other part mounts to the frame. When the door opens it makes a long ANNOYING beep.

You can turn it off & on as needed, like if you're going in & out of the house. When on, we would yell out that we were going outside so that everyone knew it was an "authorized exit". LOL

My seven year old was an escape artist until she was four, so we had the doors alarmed.

You may be able to drill into the metal to mount a door latch. My husband put one on our metal door. Just use a metal drill bit.

My friend has sensors on her kids so that if they leave the house the alarm goes off. They wear the sensor on their arms or she puts them into a kid harness with the sensor on the back so they can't take it off.

Her twins escaped one day & were found quite a distance away riding in their crazy coupe.

Or you can just get a dog & train it to tattle on Olivia. Our dog, Petey, would tattle on Gremlin all the time. She used to get mad at him for it.

We found her holding his muzzle one day telling him to shut up while trying to block the gallon of ice cream she took out of the freezer to eat so we couldn't see it. She also used to try to bribe him. He'd bark to tattle, she'd stuff food in his mouth.

Christie said...

She gets that from me!!!