Sunday, September 21, 2008

family fun game night

so tonight we played games. first we started off with pictureka! which was sooo much fun; especially since it was something that sam could play too! i highly recomend it; we bought it after watching our neighbors play... however, if you live in japan and happen to be my neice and nephew or their mother; you should not buy this... you would hate it. yeah... that's it... or it might be because you might get one in the mail... so after three fun games (two of which i won! woo hoo!) we busted out with scrabble. our all time favorite!!! here's some shots of that!

brandon helping michael spell:

daddy trying to look at michael's letters:

daddy with the best letters ever!

oh, but the night didn't end there! after sam and the babies were in bed, we hear mae barking like a maniac... well, the only time mae barks is when she's super excited.. and normally the source of her excitement can only mean one thing:

sure enough, a fat little hedgehog had wandered into our yard. so we brought it inside, took a few pictures and then released her out front.

ps. be sure to click on the picture of mark and the hedgehog and laugh at the shirt he's wearing! see, everyone wants to be a saint!!

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