Thursday, September 25, 2008

picnic in the park and new hoodie day...

some new pictures; unfortunately none from our picnic in the park! i picked mark up for lunch with the two little rugrats and we decided to grab some food from the commissary and then eat lunch at arkadash park; i really gotta start bringing my camera with me!! next time; we plan on making it at least a weekly adventure now that the weather has cooled down some!

then tonight we took a stroll down to the alley. brandon wanted to see the train tracks, and was pretty ticked off that all the trains were sleeping. none the less, he had a good time walking and saying, "haba" (his form of merhaba; which means hello in turkish) to all the turks. needless to say they got a kick out of it!
well, here's some pictures of the kids in their knock off skater hoodies.



i think they were going for the tough skater kid look; sam pulled it off a little better with his somber self *lol*

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