Wednesday, September 17, 2008

things i may not have told you in my myspace bulletins.

1. when i was younger i used to call worms george. all worms were george. i don't know why or where this fixation came from but worms were george.

2. tea makes me want to puke. seriously, i can't even drink it to be polite. serious gag reflex. except elma cai; which would be apple tea. however, i'm pretty sure that's not real tea. it's just some sugar and apple flavoring.

3. i have a secret love affair with comics. more specifically archie comics. how nerdy is that? it can't even be an obsession with cool comics.

4. i don't think i've slept through the night more than three days in a row. something always wakes me up. sometimes i go back to bed, other times i don't for hours. not fun.

5. i love google. i google everything. and my newest obsession is finding blogs about things i'm interested in on google. my favorites is so full it always takes me forever to find what i'm looking for!

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