Saturday, September 20, 2008

he told me i couldn't blog about it!

i got michael's hair cut yesterday; and he's totally pissed, but he looks super cute and well, with school pictures coming up, he had to make a sacrifice. look how cute he is! the first hair reminds me of a throwback from when i was in hs *lol* but of course the straight down and in your face thing is what's cool with the kiddos now. however, he's regardless, he's mad about the haircut! still, just wanted to share:


down in his face like the current trend:

and for those of you feeling sorry for him; don't, because he was going out of his way to make those pouty faces; hence why he's trying to hide his smile in the first picture!! also, i did just take him in for a trim; however, it seems to be a hairstylist's curse that they don't know the meaning of the word trim. still, i think it's cute and now he's free to grow it out until next school pictures!

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