Saturday, November 22, 2008

and this is where ghetto fabulous comes in...

yes. i took pictures of a picture. i know, i know. horribleness. however, i can't find my thumb drive to scan them and then save them, and honestly, it was just easier to do this way. and yeah, i could have cropped them better; but i figured i'd go out with style *lol*
mommy and her crew. i was gripping onto the babies for dear life because they were both trying to squirm out of my arms!
the trail kids: at this point they were just tired of hearing me yell. and for the record i think it's great that brandon looks so sweet and wonderful; because he was the worst one when it was picture day! we briefly contemplated just not having him in the family picture ;)

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Christie said...

ok, so the family one is adorable but the other ones crack me up. the one with you and the kids has sammy and brandon looking crazy. the kids alone is also cute. oh, but you and mark are ugly!!! :p hahaha. i love you all.