Wednesday, November 5, 2008

noncommitally yours. is that even a word?

"not your savior" no use for a name.
Unlucky seventeen, already handed plans for the future
Glamour obsessed, shown how to dress, and told how to think
And I don't have a job, but I can show you how to be a slob
So many days, wasted and glazed
Sometimes I laugh aloud as I think about,
You asking me "Please can you help?"Can't help my self
I'm not your savior, I'm not who you want me to be
A cowardly mistake I've made so many times before, refusing to break
Cut my losses ties them with you, like a good boy I'll pretend
And promise not to do it again
Do you remember when, life was so simple and permanent?
Everyone's changed, "Everyone's cool", Everyone sucks
But I can't seem to complain, Exciting and new is just not there
You're getting scared
I'm not your savior, never thought I was anyway
I'm a void with empty promises that backs out late
Never said I'd change, taking back the words that we spoke
Like a fuel tank running dry, you'll believe it when I choke

alright, this is one of my favorite songs. and sort of sums everything up. i'm so busy lately that commiting to anything is overkill. there are things that are a break for me, and other things that just take too much effort. i feel bad for not commiting more to this blog. more to my friends. more to things that i need to take care of. i get sick of everyone taking things so personally when that's not my intention. sometimes things just don't fall into place. i feel like i need a disclaimer or maybe i should just wear a sign: "is a huge flake". welcome to my life as a mother of four. you should really just be glad that i'm wearing clothes when i go out.
onto other notes; i am angry about obama's stance on abortion. it's horrible and terrible to know that our next president has such little regards for human life. that being said, i hope and pray that he does bring about the great changes that he's promised for our nation... other than that, i have nothing left to say. feel free to hate me. <--------- regarding both issues.
signing off and heading to cappadoccia in the morning. we'll be back on saturday. 'til then, my friends.

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matt said...

Nice song....There was a dude at the polls here with a "keep america white" shirt and that guy have a political party in common...that should bother you...i'm just might be a nazi!! have a nice day sucka!