Wednesday, November 12, 2008

how could i forget to tell you about this???
so while we were in cappadoccia we went to lots of places that sold pottery; nothing out of the norm, right? well, there was this one place we went to called the "hair museum". serioulsy, disgusting. the top floor was a room FILLED and i mean FILLED! with strands of hair. and buisness cards. above is a link to it, but when i get the pictures from shane, i'll have to post ours. it was scary and creepy and reminded me of something that you would see in a serial killer movie. ugh. room full of hair. and i mean, hanging long strands; all over the ceiling, the walls, the doorway. and with buisness cards tacked to the strands and some people even put pictures. it was one of those things that you just had to see to understand the extent of creepiness! i mean, who would say, "hmmm. think i'd like to leave a strand of my hair here for posterity?" ugh... heebie jeebies. aren't you glad i shared??
here's a picture i found on google. that hanging stuff, yup, hair. ewww.

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