Sunday, November 23, 2008

my ode to you.

friendships are tricky.
there are people you love instantly. and people you just tolerate. sometimes people that you initally hate are people that end up becoming some of the best friends ever. and sometimes people that you really like end up just being a passing fancy. it's strange to me the way that relationships work. how we seem to grandfather in friends of friends, and we aren't free to choose beyond something that we normally would never go for. i am okay with people not liking me. i have come to terms with the fact that i am very set in my ways. that i am very loud. very opinionated and have a really bad case of the stank face.. but the thing that gets me is that once you grow up the whole aspect of friendship really changes. when you are little you share toys and snacks and things just seem to work themselves out over coloring books and crayons. when you are grown, you become politically correct and stay away from politics, religion and pretty much anything that goes past the last movie that you watched or myspace bulletins.
i think it's hard to be real once you reach a certain age.
i think we are all afraid to be unliked. unpopular. or ignored. we would rather smile through the unpleasantries than be true to ourselves.
and this is so damn annoying.
one of my favorite friends is a boy who saw me through all the crazies. who probably saved me from myself once or twice, or a hundred times.
there are people in life that you can never thank enough. and when things get insane, you realize that not everyone is like this. not everyone hurts you. and that there are some friendships worth having.
and this my friends, is what keeps us going. those friends who love you in sweatpants and have your back no matter how true the rumors are...

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