Sunday, December 14, 2008


it is natural to be drawn to beautiful things.
we all want to live a life that is perfect and sweet and falls into place the way that it should. but things are never as easy as they should be. is it better to tell the truth and risk hurting the one you love or is it better to build a candy coated world for them?
the hardest thing is finding that middle ground. loving someone enough to tell them the truth; the truth that they deserve; and being there for what follows.
we are taught that it isn't okay to cry. that it isn't okay to grieve. we are taught to forget. that forgetting somehow leads to forgiveness. we bury things under layers of dirt thinking that it will seal up the open wound. but we forget that the elements, like time, and wind, and rain, will eventually wash away the dirt, leaving us a pain that feels just as fresh and new.
i think it is time to clean the wounds. bandage them up. and let them heal.

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