Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas for reals :)

i love christmas. even without snow. even after i've pulled down all the christmas decorations and put them away. even after the kids are in bed. and even though tomorrow is just another day.
christmas is just one day where even though things may seem the same (kids fighting, parents losing their tempers, messes being made, etc.) it's a reminder of all that we really have. a day to truly count our blessings. to be greatful for the little things that we take for granted every day.
today, i stop and think about how lucky i am. how blessed and loved i really feel. i have four terrific children, a wonderful husband, great parents, a sister and brother that i love, and awesome friends. we are lacking absolutely nothing. not everyone can say this...
so today and always, i hope you know that if you're in my life, i appreciate you. i love you, and i count you as my blessings. i hope all your christmas wishes come true, but more than anything, i pray that you can stop just for a second and count your own blessings. that you remember just for a moment that life is about a little more than just presents and tinsel.
merry christmas and happy new year! stay safe,
love, lisa

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