Sunday, December 28, 2008

wish me luck.

so i had this brilliant idea that sam needs his own room. this idea of course followed by the fact that olivia should sleep in a big girl bed. so these two huge ventures include moving olivia into brandon and sam's old room and letting sam have olivia's room. so today was spent moving furniture; disassembling furniture, sorting through toys, and moving random other crap all around.
well, i must confess; i did finish watching season four of prison break and am slightly annoyed that there is another season... seriously, how much more can they drag this out. don't get me wrong. i like wentworth miller as much as the next girl, but really now...
anyways, in the midst of all this, i realized that i never gave brandon the train picture that i had framed for him. so of course i had to stop what i was doing to look for this. so this involved pulling everything out from under our stairs and trying to find where i put the stupid picture... of course, the picture is no where to be found. i think my maid hid it... that or i just put it somewhere that i would "be sure not to lose it" and then lost it. still, it's easier to blame the maid ;)
yeah, so um. the babies are upstairs making lots of noise. not sure how much sleep i'll be getting tonight, but hopefully the combining rooms thing is succesful. if nothing else, maybe sam will be a little less pissed off at having to share everything. he suffers from "only child" syndrome; which has me a little confused seeings as how we have so many kiddos...
oh well, maybe if i get the stuff finished i can post some pictures tomorrow. or at least an update on the two little monkies who are bouncing off the walls.

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Christie said...

you little nerdo!! :)