Saturday, February 21, 2009

birthday present craftiness.

i just finished this cute i spy bag for my friend's daughter.
here's the back:

i know that the stitching isn't perfect, but part of that is because i'm still learning, and part of it is because i wanted to make sure that it was super secure, so i went over the lines a whole bunch of times.
and then i found this great cupcake gift bag! how could i resist buying it??

so that's what her little gift is going in.
hopefully she'll be as entertained by it as my 12 year old and all his friends were *lol*


Wilson Family said...

Okay, I typed this once and it didn't look like it posted. Anyway- love the bag! I use to make those and sell them at craft fairs, etc... Yes, Lisa I was a crafter. No I do NOTHING! :) Anyway- I made Kaely, Kenz, and Londyn one when they were little. I put specific things to match their tastes and personalities. My point is, I don't have one for Addie. SOOOOO- want to make me one? I will totally pay you. I just don't sew anymore. I know, I am a loser.

Noel said...

Hi - I'm one of Christie's friends.

I can give you some sewing tips since I'm pretty good at sewing.

If you want to go back over the stitches, there is a trick to it so that it looks like one neat line of stitches.

When you reach the end, keep your needle dropped, lift the presser foot and spin the item around so that you are going back over the stitches that you just finished.

You may want to manually place the needle into the next needle hole, but you can drop the presser foot and go back the way you came.

Make sure you let the machine feed the item, don't push it through so that the stitches are even and the same length.

You can check out my work on my albums on my space. My user name is Hoyden2894 & I'm on Christie's friends list.

If you have questions or want some tips, shoot me a message, I'll be glad to answer them for you.

~ Noel