Sunday, February 1, 2009

turning those lemons into lemonade.

i have a confession to make.
however before i start, let me begin by saying, "if you can't say nothing nice, then feel free to keep your comments to yourself."
i <3 the power outages that we randomly have here in turkey.
i know, i know. they are inconvienent, i do find myself making references to things that i need power for (ie; cook it in the microwave; or randomly turning on the lights) however, the last few power outage days have been so... relaxing.
it's one time that i don't have to listen to tv, or hear the kids fighting over videogames. as a family we tend to do more together, and even just make random conversation. that's nice.
people spend so much time griping about them. i'm pretty sure if they put that energy into figuring out something fun to do, then their whole perspective would change!
take a look at what we did today:
the first part of the day was spent crafting. i worked on these super cute taggie bean bags for my etsy shop (which is currently empty; and i need to rectify that!) and well, since i couldn't use my sewing machine for obvious reasons; i spent the morning cutting and peicing the project together.
while i worked on that, mark decided to add to our peg people collection (which will also be joining my etsy shop here in the next few days) he made: a zombie, mr. t, a skeleton, batman, and a ninja.
after that we took a break and took the kids to the park, here's a few really cute shots.

when we got home, i spent some time taking pictures of the older boys skating:

then daddy took a nap with his princess; she was worn out from the park and fell right asleep :)
i don't know, i just think it was a really good way to end the weekend. enough fun was had that it felt super productive; and while yeah, some things about no power are a pain (peeing in the dark, and having an electric stove) all i can think is that at least for one day we are stopping to smell the roses and not getting so caught up in the world of technology (said by the girl who loves to blog)!

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