Tuesday, February 10, 2009


so i get a call from my husband (who's a known practical joker!) telling me that we've been offered one of the nice NEW housing units on base. so of course, i'm convinced he's lying until he forwards me the e:mail! i almost fell out of my chair!! and as my trembling fingers called the housing office, i'm still waiting for the punch line... but true to his word, we did get offered a house because of our family size and the length remaining on our tour.
i can't put into words how happy i am. i've come to terms with our older housing; i've accepted that there's good and bad wherever you live; but this is just exciting and totally unexpected!! the only thing is that we have to move ourselves; which is no biggie because we've done it before. so now, i'm making a mental list of what there is to do!!
i won't miss our itty bitty kitchen, our ugly stairs, or the peeling tile. i will miss living next to melissa and being right next to the school.
okay. off to start preparing. i love moving. i know that's crazy, but change is something that i crave... must be the A.D.D. ;)

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