Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the art of applique...

sometimes i get an idea in my head and i have to craft it. i've been tossing around the idea of appliqueing for a few months now. to the point where i actually had all the supplies; i just needed the proper motivation.
well the proper motivation came in the form of me cleaning my craft room and finding a single onesie that looked so sad and lonely. so while i was watching a really boring movie (at 10 pm) i decided to bust out the supplies...
so i stenciled my design cut it out, found the fabric i wanted, loaded the machine... and then realized that i didn't have an iron!
why, you ask??
well, apparently mine got knocked over about a hundred times and finally just broke. so i had thrown it away. of course these aren't the things you are thinking of at 10 pm when inspiration strikes...
i was tempted to go knock on my neighbor's door, but at this point it was about 11... i didn't want them to think i was more insane than they probably already do (love you kim and glenn!) so i started thinking... was it possible that i had an extra iron stashed away somewhere?? (those of you who know me, know that this is entirely possible...) but no. there was nothing... until i realized what i had upstairs in my bathroom!!
when in doubt people... use your hot iron! that's right, a hot iron for your hair will work as an iron in a pinch... it definately worked better than the crappy iron i had thrown out days earlier!
so, i got my crafting fix in and didn't have to wake anyone up!
i don't have a camera right now, but i will post pictures tomorrow or the next day. i picked a purple skull to put on the onesie. next time i will pick a much simpler design until i get better at stitching. still, thought you might get a kick out of the hot iron idea, and be proud of me for knocking out my crafty goal by tuesday night!

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