Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what i have learned.

people hate change. i grew up believing that i did too. the last two years have taught me that not only do i NOT hate change. but i actually crave it.
i have spent a lot of my life being afraid to try new things. i worry about what people will think and what people will say. but really? i think most of the time people are so wrapped up in their own buisiness and/or insecurities that they don't have the time to really worry about critiquing us. and even if they do, i have finally reached the point in my life, where i just can't care. caring about what other people do and say is just exhausting.
sometimes the biggest decisions are the hardest to make. but they are also the most important. i need to do what is right for me.
here lately i feel like all my blogs are saying the same thing indirectly.
so in a nutshell:
life is short, you don't always have time to wear pants.

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