Saturday, January 10, 2009

maybe i am emo; minus the cutting.

there's this blog i read. and i love it.
it's beautiful
and honest
and heartbreaking.
it says all the things that people are afraid to say. it's real.
and it makes me think about how every day people are afraid to say what they mean.
we walk around shielded. angry. hurt.
when did being human become so taboo?
why do people hide things?
i have to admit that i'm angry.
angry when people take advantage of me.
angry that sometimes people expect more than i have to give.
i know that no one owes me anything.
but sometimes i want more than what i'm getting.
from strangers.
from people that i risked things for.
i want something that i'm not entitled to.
i think that we are afraid to be vulnerable
because we can't stand the thought
of being cut open
and then rejected.

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