Sunday, January 11, 2009

spending the day in adana; i don't know why more americans don't!

the trails in adana
if you could sum turkey up into a picture, here it is:
veggies in a glass; the top two have stuff written in vegetables!
scary meat.
turkish posters

street vendors and their dried fruit; they weigh it and sell it

the curtain store; there are bins full of folded fabric, and then a huge pile of curtains; yeah, you just take your shoes off and climb in! there's lots of good deals :) gotta love it!
can you find the kids? (they're in there!)

the hamam; a men's bath house.
ataturk; reminds me of big brother *lol*
more ataturk; he's everywhere!
something cool and turkish that was on a building!
the super huge mosque in adana
driving back to incirlik
overall a fun day; we don't do this often enough! that's one of my resolutions, to get out and do more stuff. make our time here really count. i love it!

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Christie said...

wah!! jealous. i miss turkey.