Tuesday, January 27, 2009


apparently painting last night was an open invitation for brandon and olivia to paint on the rug in their bedroom. ALL OVER THE RUG. THE VERY EXPENSIVE NICE TURKISH RUG THAT I SORT OF DIDN'T WANT TO PAY GOOD MONEY FOR JUST FOR THIS VERY REASON!
i brought it back to the carpet shop where i bought it and he's going to clean it for me; he said he thinks it should come out.
i couldn't even bring myself to take pictures for the simple fact that i would like to forget that this EVER happened.
i love my kids. moments like this are just really hard. you know, the whole not wishing them away to the cornfields!
okay. done being mad. remind me that they are only little for so long and i should be enjoying every dirty little second...

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tantella said...

they are only little for so long. enjoy everything you can right now. shall i send you large paper rolls to spread out for them? or large canvas? i can find some pretty cheap... :)