Tuesday, January 6, 2009


okay. in going through my college credits, i thought i had 54 with this last class i took. then i realized that i did take some classes with central texas college, and so it looks like i'll have more credits that i originally thought... which is good, and bad. the two classes that i need to take for my associates degree are: ifsm 201 and libs 150 (stop laughing; it's a requirement, and i had signed up for it once and had to drop it due to scheduling conflicts). well, here's the problem. if i have the extra credits from central texas college and they transfer, then i won't need to take the stats 200 class that i've signed up for. however, everyone who took the stats class last term got an A in it, and i have a friend who will give me her notes and book, and if i major in sociology, then it's a requirment. oh and if i take it now after having taken math 103, then i don't have to take the placement exam either. however, i could finish my degree earlier by just taking ifsm online and using my ctc classes for the rest of my credit hours.... but i don't have enough cash to take all three classes! (not to mention that would be a little much on the workload front!) *sigh* decisions, decisions. plus, i don't think i'd do that great at the online thing, not to mention onsight classes are way shorter! (eight weeks versus something longer). alright, i think i'll just go ahead with the stats class and libs 150, and keep my fingers crossed that they offer ifsm 201 on site here next term. then hopefully if i get my credits transfered i should have my two year degree!! i know it doesn't seem like much, especially considering that it's taken me ten years for a two year degree, but hey, things take a little longer when you have kids! (and lack of motivation)...
okay, if you read this far, you rock. i realize this post sort of sucks, but i had to kind of work things out in my head. and this is the best way ;)

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